Scanstar Student & Startup Packaging Design Competition 2018



Altogether over 5000 € to be awarded to solutions!

About ScanStar Student & Startup Packaging Design Competition 2018

ScanStar is a joint Nordic packaging competition held annually since 1969 by SPA, the Scandinavian Packaging Association.

ScanStar Student & Startup 2018 is organized by:

The Finnish Packaging Association – Suomen Pakkausyhdistys ry (Suomi)

Who can participate?

The competition is open for all student packaging solutions designed, constructed or manufactured in one of the Nordic Countries. Packaging solutions made in other countries but presented by a Nordic university may also participate. Packaging entries may not have been entered previous ScanStar competitions.

Entries can be made by students and startups less than 3 years old.

Each university or university of applied sciences or startup has the right to enter an unlimited amount of packages that comply with the rules of the competition.

What does a ScanStar Award mean?

Student(s) and Startup(s) who will be awarded a ScanStar gets a diploma.

The names of the winners will be published internationally shortly after the jury decision.

Packaging awarded a ScanStar in the student category  has the right to enter the international WorldStar competition arranged by World Packaging Organisation (WPO).

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The entries do not need to be in physical form – an app, addition to packaging, logistics or environmental solution is also acceptable.

Winning of this competition entitles to an award certificate and will give access for students to take part in the WorldStar Student Packaging competition.

If the entry is by team, the award will be split equally or by the preferences of the team or to funds of startup(s).

The Finnish Packaging Association or the Scandinavian Packaging Association will not place the entry to the WorldStar Competition, but the entrant(s) will. However, the application fee will be paid by the Finnish Packaging Association or the Scandinavian Packaging Association.

The entries will go through an evaluation round, and the applicant(s) will be informed if they have placed in the competition.

All projects entered must have been designed / completed during 2016-2018 academic years or operating years of the startup.

Applicants who have graduated within 2018 or are studying at the moment will be accepted as students. Only students who study in a Nordic (Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland) university or university of applied sciences can apply.

Each entrant may send more than one entry which fulfills the rules. Entries of groups will be accepted.

Sign me up! But how?

Last date to enroll is 6th of April 2018.

The award ceremony will be held 29th– 30th of May during the PacTec Helsinki 2018 -event. 

PacTec Helsinki-event

Some of the entrants traveling expenses will be covered. Entry to the award ceremony is free.

All entry forms and documentation must be submitted in English. 

Entrants grant the organizers the right to reproduce their work in their printed and virtual-electronic publications, as well as their websites and all other media, for the promotion of this competition and the organizers.

After The ScanStar Student will be awarded, and if the entry is sent to The WorldStar Student competition, IoPP and WPO assume all entries are original and are the works and / or property of the entrant/s with all rights granted therein. IoPP and WPO are not liable for any copyright infringement on the part of entrant.



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