Orion Corporation: Pharmaceutical packaging as a messenger

Orion Corporation:Pharmaceutical packaging as a messenger Orion Corporation is the flagship of the Finnish pharmaceutical industry, which ambitiously develops, manufactures and markets medicines for the most serious diseases, such as various cancers. The pharmaceutical company's wide product range also includes more conventional prescription and self-medication drugs, vitamin preparations, dietary supplements and creams. Orion is the…

The best packaging in the Nordic countries awarded

17 ScanStar 2020 prizes awarded (more…)

It all starts with responsible forest management

It all starts with responsible forest management Natural fibre originating from Finnish forests and the paper, cardboard and paperboard products refined from this fibre are produced responsibly with natural circulation in mind. Only the trees needed for pulp production are harvested, and new seedlings are planted to compensate for the felling. “During this two-hour-long interview,…