The best packaging in the Nordic countries awarded

14 ScanStar 2021 prizes awarded

A total of 14 awards have been awarded to Nordic packaging designers, manufacturers, and users in this year's ScanStar packaging competition.

There was a wide range (total 32 participants) of good packaging solutions in the competition, which were representing packaging industry broadly: logistics solutions, food and beverage packaging, gift packaging and displays from both large and small companies in the sector. Although the competition is open for all packaging materials to participate, all the packaging solutions that took part in the competition were fibre based this year.

However, the competition jury emphasizes that other materials also play an important role in the packaging world and urges manufacturers, designers and users of glass, metal, and plastic packaging to participate in the competition in the coming years.

The jury considered the level of competition to be high - especially among the transport packaging, there were many innovations that improve both product protection and the user experience. In almost all the packages that took part in the competition, these starting points, together with environmental aspects, have been inspiring for the design. The jury therefore urges all entrants – including those who did not reach the prizes this time – to be proud of the packaging they developed.

Many entries were justified by environmental claims. However, the fact-based information was lacking and was missed by the jury. In the spirit of the times, many competition entries were plastic substitutes, but professionals know that changing the material does not always reduce the environmental impact.

Scanstar is a joint Nordic packaging competition held annually since 1969 by the Scandinavian Packaging Association SPA. The competition is open for all packaging solutions designed, converted, or used in one of the Nordic countries. Scanstar 2021 was organized by Svenska Förpackningsgillet.

Chairman of the jury of the competition was Mikael Gällstedt representing Svenska Förpackningsgillet (Sweden). Jury members were Lasse Lavrsen, Toms Gruppen (Denmark), Lars Windeman, Volvo cars (Sweden), Ole Anton Bakke, Jotun A/S (Norway) and Oona Casalegno, LAB LAB University of Applied Sciences (Finland). In addition, Søren Rahbeck Østergaard (Denmark) acted as an observer for SPA in the virtual jury meeting which was held earlier in August.  

A packaging awarded a Scanstar has a right to enter the international WorldStar competition arranged by World Packaging Organisation (WPO).

BAMA Packaging 
Avocado packaging 

Comments of jury: A packaging that reduces food waste, provides fresher products, and gives a positive impact on the environmental footprint for avocado. The box is free of plastic and made of virgin fibers. It is a single-integrated solution with a lid that is tightened based on the actual size of the avocados in the individual package. The design of the lid reduces the consumer's possibility of damaging the avocado by pressing and squeezing it in the store and keeps products in place during handling and transport. Information can be printed on the packaging - no need for a label. 

DS Smith 
Recycling container 


The empty containers are sent to retailers to collect empty cans and pet-bottles in a special filling machine, which crushes the cans and bottles. It fits inside an EUR-pallet when transported flat. This new innovative container is ready to use in 30 seconds, thanks to the sealed bottom flaps and manually locked top structure. This brings efficiency in the shops and supermarkets.  

The designer’s work was well done, says the jury and a complex thing was made easy. Clever engineering and mathematics done well.    

Pure-Pak Imagine 


A modern version of the original Pure-Pak carton, with an easy open and easy pour feature designed with fold lines. The carton has no plastic cap and the new opening is intuitive for the consumer to open and form a carafe shape for easy pouring. Fold lines also allow consumers to squeeze out the last drop of product and fold it for efficient recycling. Such a simple and clever design detail changes carton’s usability with no extra efforts.  

Glomma papp  


Comments of jury: This is a well working, intelligent solution and a good step forward when mailing a rather difficult and challenging product – living and growing plants. The packaging has a structure that holds the living plant firmly at its place and also keeps the flower soil in the pot. Box edges on the top prevent contents from falling out and makes the structure stronger. The jury sees a good market for this innovative packaging solution, but opening instructions could be added.  

Metsä Board  
Face mask bin 


Comments of jury: A simple but clever solution for a new problem – mask littering. The bin is made from corrugated material, and it is easy to assemble even without instructions which have been printed on the bin itself. The lid makes the light packaging more rigid and if you turn the lid, it closes the package when it is full. Good printing supports the product.  The bin is also accessible to those who have disabilities.   

Smurfit Kappa  
Marabou PREMIUM display 


Comments of jury: Intelligently designed, premium looking and stable display which supports the brand well. The transportation box is used for building the display in the store. In the store the back cover will be opened, and two extra shelves are placed on top of the display, and it only takes a couple minutes. Clever and functional solution, also good for transportation as it fits in a pallet.  

Smurfit Kappa 
Sustainable packaging for fresh fish


Comments of jury: This box has been cleverly designed since its size and shape has been optimized not only for the fish but also the pallet size. It is replacing the former EPS solution and it saves room when it can be transported flat. Rigid packaging keeps the ice and fish stable during transportation without leaking.  

Smurfit Kappa  
Luminaires made in Solid Board 

The new solution has been created for the old problem! New idea and a new application where the packaging board is a part of the product. Good engineering and good product development where packaging adds usability. It also has potential for further development.  

Stora Enso 

Comments of jury: Innovative berry container comes in several size variations, and it could be used in many other products too. Replacing plastic alternatives – even the integrated lid is made from corrugated board. Very rigid, and it offers a possibility to use an alternative r-PET lid if needed. Very simple but at the same time clever packaging is replacing plastics. Corrugated board box is also easy to flatten before recycling.  

Stora Enso 
Intelligent fridge  

Comments of jury: Typically, this kind of product needs many different packaging materials for transportation, but this solution is totally made monomaterial with a few components only - paperboard sleeves, corner protections etc. Simple but clever structural design without any tooling costs protects the product and only flat cardboard components will be left to recycle.  

Stora Enso 
Vogue Scandinavia - Premium fashion magazine package

Comments of jury: This automated package for the publishing industry offers extra value and exclusive feeling for the magazine publishers. It is a sustainable solution – replacing single use plastic wrapping. Box size ensures normal mailing. It is also user friendly, the package can be saved and used as bookshelf storage for the magazine but mono material also ensures easy recycling. 

DS Smith 
User Friendly Securing Racks for Door Handles 

Comments of jury: Box of door handles is a user-friendly packaging with all the needed equipment placed in the same box. Really clever improvement compared to the previous plastic bags the user needed to rip. Packaging design is good and simple engineering, easy to use, and the corrugated material is really performing well. The user can also easily calculate how many door handles there are left in the packaging. 

The LM Box 


Comments of jury: The LM box is designed in an interesting way that minimizes waste in every part of the production by adjusting its size and construction. A nice box made from recycled material and after it has been easily folded the construction is very rigid. It offers good communication possibilities with customers. It is also user friendly with easy opening and recycling. 

Student ScanStar 
Marianne Aalto, LAB, Finland  

Comments of jury: The jury concludes that “Package for food and drink” is standing out with its creative and simple design that could bring environmental as well as usage benefits. The production design makes is suitable for a large scale market in the field of fast food and similar. The jury congratulates Marianne Aalto: Good luck to the WorldStar Student competition! 


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