The best packaging in the Nordic countries awarded

17 ScanStar 2020 prizes awarded

A total of 17 awards have been awarded to Nordic packaging manufacturers in ScanStar 2020 packaging competition.

There was a wide range (total 29 participants) of good packaging solutions in the competition, which were representing packaging industry broadly: logistics solutions, food packaging, gift packaging and displays from both large and small companies in the sector. Because the competition is Scandinavian, the majority of the packaging materials that took part in the competition were fiber based, and only few packaging innovations represented plastic solutions. However, the competition showed that there is room for plastic solutions, as long as the plastic is used in the right way.

The competition jury awarded “Special Sustainable Packaging” to DS Smith’s Arla Unika corrugated e-commerce packaging, which keeps the products cool during transport and replaces the EPS packaging used before.

Scanstar is a joint Nordic packaging competition held annually since 1969 by the Scandinavian Packaging Association SPA. The competition is open for all packaging solutions designed, converted or used in one of the Nordic countries. Scanstar 2020 was organized by Finnish Packaging Association.

Chairman of the jury of the competition was CEO Antro Säilä from Finnish Packaging Association. Jury members were Lasse Lavrsen, Toms Gruppen (Denmark), Lars Windeman, Volvo cars (Sweden), Ole Anton Bakke, Jotun A/S (Norway) and Hanna Koivula, University of Helsinki (Finland). In addition Mikael Gallsted (Sweden) acted as an observer for SPA and Johanna Nikunen (Finland) as a press representant.

- All the companies participating in the competition show that they take product development seriously. I act as a buyer myself and in the buying negotiations we always ask packaging producers if they have been successful in competitions in the industry. If success has come, it will be a sign of a desire to develop better solutions, says jury member Lars Windeman.

A packaging awarded a Scanstar has a right to enter the international WorldStar competition arranged by World Packaging Organisation (WPO).

APAK – Transportation packaging for brakeboosters

Producer: Mondi Ansbach
aPak AB and Mondi Ansbach
User: Volvo Cars AB

Comments of jury: In the design of the car's brake booster transport box, the properties of the corrugated board have been harnessed for the best possible use. A cost-effective, simple, affordable and sustainable solution. The packaging is still simple, even though its internal structure is complex. The jury praised the package for its structure that improves work ergonomics.

APAK – Transportation packaging for Volvo headlamp

Producer: Mondi Ansbach
Designer: aPak AB ja Mondi Ansbach
User: Volvo Cars AB

A unique and elegant transport package for the automotive industry. The stiffness and bending properties of the corrugated board have been utilized in the best way possible. These properties have also been used well to protect the easily breakable contents of the packaging during transport without bubble wrap in a cost-effective way.

Atria – Seasoning Package 

Producer: Atria
Designer: Atria
User: Atria

This is a completely new kind of packaging innovation, where usability and convenience have been maximized and the amount of plastic has been reduced. The quality of the meat is visible in the package because it is not covered with the seasoning sauce. The meat and spice marinade will be combined before cooking in the packaging. The packaging results in improvement of hygiene, as the product can be transferred directly from the packaging into the frying pan without the need to touch it by hand or transfer it to a different container for marinating.

DS Smith – Arla Unika e-commerce packaging

Producer: DS Smith Packaging Denmark
Designer: Mette Staal
User: Arla Foods Denmark

Comments of jury: A charming, elegant, material-saving, yet simple e-commerce package for foods that require refrigerated transport. Its replacing the previously used EPS solution. The cardboard packaging has insulation, so the products stay cold during transport. Its moisture protection is also fibre-based. Easy to open and the greeting card on the inner cover create a pleasant unboxing experience.

DS Smith – Coffin

Producer: DS Smith Packaging Sweden AB
Designer: Claes Pettersson
User: Europa kistan AB

Comments of jury: An alternative to a traditional coffin made from recycled cardboard evokes emotions. Innovative design with compliant structures from both an environmental and an economic point of view. The open-minded solution is right with the times.

DS Smith – Advent Calendar 

Producer: DS Smith
Designer: Heidi Tikkala (construction and Riitta Kauppila (graphics) 
User: Kouvolan Lakritsi Oy

Comments of jury: A box solution that differs from the traditional Christmas calendar with beautiful design. The calendar is made entirely of cardboard, which means that no plastic is used at all, so the packaging is easy to recycle if not used as a toy later. An ingenious and sturdy inner solution, however, the jury wondered if the inner solution could have been even better structurally, as it now consisted of many small parts.

Econopack – Tomato package 

Producer: Econopack AB
Designer: Göran Berndtsson
User: Peckas Naturodlingar AB

Comments of jury: Made of cardboard, simple and light, yet very product-protective packaging for small tomatoes that is easy to assemble and fill. The freshness of the contents is clearly visible through the holes, which are on all sides of the package.

Glomma Papp AS – Display for Kick candybars 

Producer: Glomma Papp AS
Designer: Knut Hildebrandt
User: Cloetta ABThe fully finished, sturdy candy bar is consisted of a one part display, which erects itself when unloaded from the shipping box. The candy bar boxes are also pre-packed in a display made of corrugated cardboard. The solution helps the personnel working in the store.

Glomma Papp – Packaging for oysters 

Producer: Glomma Papp AS
Designer: Ulf-Petter Lande
User: Norwegian Shores Seafood CO

Comments of jury: Luxury packaging for a luxury product that proves that sustainable packaging can also be very elegant. The waxy surface of the carton insulates against moisture, and the corners of the packaging are designed so that liquids cannot drain from the package.

Metsä Board – Paperboard packaging for Arctic gin bottle 

Producer: Hazen Paper Company ja AM Packaging
Designer: Designer team, Metsä Board
User: Arctic Brands Group Oy

Comments of jury: Very nice hologram printing on the packaging of a luxury product. When the box is turned, the northern lights of the print look flickering and the embossing of the packaging adds to the impression. According to the jury, the right trend is to create a luxury package for a luxury product with sustainability incorporated in the design. A cardboard box alone is enough.

Orkla – Packaging for Jordan toothbrush 

Producer: Orkla Home & Personal Care
Designer: Jordan Design & Packaging Team
User: Consumers

Comments of jury: The toothbrush packaging moulded from recycled fibre replaces the former plastic package. Abandoning transparent packaging is bold, even though the product label has a picture of a toothbrush inside in its real size. The label that wraps around the package also works when the package is opened. The packaging and the content work well together, as the toothbrushes are made of recycled plastic.

Paptic – E-commerce packaging 

Producer: Paptic Oy
Designer: Stockmann Oyj
User: Stockmann Oyj

Comments of jury: The fibre-based, plastic-replacing material developed by Paptic is moisture-resistant and durable. The packaging material is pleasant to touch and does not make a crackling sound. Compared to corrugated cardboard, Paptic's e-commerce package takes up less space and is faster to fill. According to the jury, a material solution to be sorted for fibre recycling is a step in the right direction.

Pyroll / PackageMedia – Cookie package 

Producer: PackageMedia Oy / Pyroll Group Oy
Designer: Pyroll Group Oy / Takon Kotelotehdas Oy
User: Oy Karl Fazer Ab / Fazer Domino

Comments of jury: The case of Domino biscuits is printed with 1,200 different images sent by consumers of their favourite places in Finland. Digital and physical world merged in the packaging.  The jury liked the way the packaging solution engages consumers of a well-known product. The jury predicts the package will also have collectible value.

Smurfit Kappa – E-commerce packaging for flower bouquets 

Producer: Smurfit Kappa Sweden-Norway
Designer: Thomas Pigniczky
User: Euroflorist

Comments of jury: Corrugated packaging is well suited for its purpose, which is to send flower bouquets from an online store. The functionality and security features of the package were praised. The jury also liked the look of the package and the opportunity the packaging structure offered to send the recipient more than just a bouquet, such as chocolate.

Stora Enso – Ice cream advent calendar 

Producer: Van Genechten Packaging, Unkari
Designer: Outi Honkavaara, Stora Enso Packaging, Suomi
User: Vanhan Porvoon Jäätelötehdas

Comments of jury: A great, almost plastic-free Christmas calendar implementation for ice cream. 24 small ice cream cups are placed on a cardboard tray that holds them in place. The packaging is tempting to buy, and many members of the jury spontaneously announced their desire to buy the product!

Stora Enso – Flowerpot packaging 

Producer: Stora Enso Packaging, Suomi
Designer: Miia Vettenranta, Stora Enso Packaging, Finland
User: Kesko Oyj

Comments of jury: A simple and functional packaging solution that makes it easier to transport the potted flower from the florist to the recipient. An everyday luxury package that wishes the recipient joy and happiness. It is also easy to add a greeting in the package, and at an end of the day it is easy to sort with cardboard packaging waste.

Stora Enso – Packaging for pellets (Finland)

Producer: Stora Enso Packaging, Suomi
Designer: Karoliina Pennanen, Stora Enso Packaging, Suomi
User: Stora Enso Wood Products

Comments: High-quality packaging, and thanks to the carrying handle integrated in the package, efficient application for transporting, warehousing and using the product. A well-thought-out packaging from which the pellets can be poured directly into the oven.

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