ScanStar prize ceremony held in Lahti

Press release                       Finnish Packaging Association                 November 30, 2017

 ScanStar prize ceremony

Ten ScanStar prizes have been awarded in this years ScanStar competition. The prize award ceremony was held in Lahti, Finland, and it was a part of #PackSummit2017 event on November 29, 2017. Finnish packaging companies got 6 prizes, Danish 2, and both Swedish and Norwegian companies got 1.

Winners are: APak (Sweden), AR Carton Oy (Finland), Atria (Finland), Eltete TPM (Finland), Glomma Papp (Norway), Plus Pack (Denmark,2 ScanStars), Pyroll (Finland) and Stora Enso Packaging (Finland). For the jury one entry was above all others. The jury nominated Atria’s modern vacuum package for fresh minced meat as their first choice.

Scanstar is a joint Nordic packaging competition held annually since 1969 by the Scandinavian Packaging Association SPA. The competition is open for all packaging solutions designed, constructed or manufactured in one of the Nordic countries. ScanStar 2017 was organized by Finnish Packaging Association. More information:

Prize award ceremony of the competition will be held in Packaging Summit in Lahti, Finland on November 29th, 2017. A packaging awarded a Scanstar has a right to enter the international WorldStar competition arranged by World Packaging Organisation (WPO).



Keynote speaker Roope Mokka, Demos Helsinki


PackSummit 2017 -seminar in Sibelius House, Lahti, Finland.


 Scanstar award ceremony.


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